cafe maiasmokk. a cafe for a sweet tooth.

A blog reader has asked me for some good Tallinn tips, like a travel guide, what to see and do in Tallinn. What an excellent idea Hannah W! I’ll be glad to make a list of good sights in Tallinn later on, I’ll put in on my to-do list for the fall. But for now, since time is of the essence (and I hope my reply isn’t too late..), I would definitely recommend you to make a stop at ‘Café Maiasmokk‘, which means cafe Sweet tooth, at street Pikk 16. It’s situated in the Old town and has been around since 1864. We like that. Look for this yellow house.As soon as you enter you know this is going to be good. (and sweet!)”Old is the new gold” as someone wise said. The original floor tiles sure has some patina and my feet have been coming here for almost three decades.Looking up, you’ll see beautifully decorated ceilings, mirrors and details in gold.The wooden tables are so pretty I want to take them all home and play cards on them. One game on each table and touring them like a chess master, haha.But enough with the  interiors, let’s get down to it, down to the very root canal of Sweet tooth- the sweets! As long as I can remember I’ve always been a fan of their ”Silva kook” or ”Rummi kook” (en hederlig Dammsugare på svenska) it’s like a roll of punch and marzipan.But now, my mom has introduced me to Pavlova, a dessert that sounds strikingly Russian but that originates from New Zealand! (thanks Wikipedia). With it’s meringue, lemon curd and berries it’s fastly become a new favorite. They have other pastries too and bake everything daily. They also have a hot shot coffee maker and a tea selection through the roof.I’m pretty sure the guide books write about Maiasmokk because nowadays I hear Spanish, Italian and English besides the Estonian, Russian and Finnish. You won’t see angry signs urging you to turn off your cell phone or clean up or whatever. At Maiasmokk everyone just seems to respect the space and instinctively doesn’t leave a napkin on the floor or shout in their phones. It’s a place to rest with excellent sweets in a historical environment. Go on, be a Sweet tooth, go Maiasmokk!

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